Asus F555UA-EB51 Laptop Review

September 8, 2016
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If you take a look at Asus F555UA-EB51 what do you see first? Well, there are a lot of reviews it has received. Most of them are positive. This must give you some hint about the quality of this product. But if you still want more information, go on and read this review below!

The good

You don’t see Intel Core i5-6198DU processor too much. But Asus F555UA-EB51 has this running the system. It’s a spring 2016 release, a 5th generation dual-core processor with 2.3 – 2.8GHz clock speed (the latter attainable with turbo boost). It’s a fast notebook processor as CPU Mark score is around 4000 – basic CPUs get 1500-2500. Be it a demanding program or not you want to run, this Intel will take care of it. There is also 8GB system memory helping you, which today should be easily enough for any user out there.

The neutral

Asus F555UA-EB51 doesn’t have splendid or poor storage. A platter-based 1024GB 5400RPM hard drive gives you a lot of space for files, but at the same time suffers from subpar performance. Indeed, in this era, not many people need huge drives but fast ones. If that is you, you should take the drive out and replace it with SSD.

The laptop has a decent monitor of 15.6 inches diagonal. That is the most common, a cookie cutter size. Some people think the 1366×768 resolution is disadvantage, but let me tell you, finding Full HD screen for this price is about impossible. It does not support touch, but VGA webcam can be found in the top bezel.

There’s an internal DVD burner in the notebook and SD/SDHC/SDXC card reader. You can use the latter with memory cards that are popular way to transfer photos from digital cameras.

The ports to spice up the system with peripherals include one USB 2.0, two USB 3.0 and HDMI & VGA outputs for monitors. Connecting to Internet happens through the Gigabit RJ-45 port and WiFi adapter (n standard with Bluetooth 4.0).

The bad

Be aware of the gaming limitations of Asus F555UA-EB51. There is no fancy dedicated graphics card inside, only the default Intel HD 520 chip integrated on the processor. Getting good frame rates for new & demanding games with that is impossible (GTA 5 for example gets ~30FPS on low settings and resolution). That said, the older your game is, the better chance it works (Minecraft is this kind of a title).

I’ve seen some complaints about the battery life. The unit contains 2 cells and 37 Whrs, yet users have said it only lasts 3-4 hours before a recharge is needed. And the battery is also integrated, it can’t be replaced.


Price-performance ratio is good with Asus F555UA-EB51. Being quite an affordable laptop it still operates on a new Core i5 processor, speeding the system up for the benefit of power users. However gamers wouldn’t like this notebook too much because it lacks a proper graphics card. Other than that, it’s a very decent laptop for the modern computer user.

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