ASUS ET2031IUK-01 Review

September 29, 2014
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Desktop computers might be a dying breed, but their sub-division of All-in-One computers is still going strong. I can understand this because people usually want easy solutions for their problems. And that’s exactly what All-in-One computer does: It combines the mainframe and monitor into one unit and throws in keyboard and mouse. There you have a fully functional desktop computer without the need to buy anything additional. ASUS ET2031IUK-01 is one of those All-in-Ones and in this review I’ll tell you my opinion about it.

First things first, the most interesting specs for this ASUS are Celeron 2955U CPU, 4GB DDR3 RAM and 500GB hard drive. The screen is indeed also there, standing at 19.5 inches and 1600×900 resolution. The best price is around 300 bucks which makes it definitely an affordable desktop, even in All-in-One standards.

The core

In the heart of ASUS ET2031IUK-01 there is a Celeron processor. Many associate this family of processors with cheap price and subpar performance. Rightly so, as you can see from the Passmark Software stats. The CPU was launched at the end of 2013, it runs on 1.4GHz speed and has two cores. Celerons are indeed good little brothers for more powerful Core CPUs if you intend to use them for not-so-heavy everyday tasks at home.

Other main specs include 4GB RAM and 500GB hard drive. With this setting you can do any kind of lightweight stuff easily (think about Internet browsing, MS Office, Skype etc). To give you an idea what the hard drive is capable of, it can host around 500-1000 movies depending on the quality. On the other hand, the speed of such a traditional HDD is nothing compared to a modern SSD. However, if you don’t know what these terms mean, it’s safe to assume you are fine with the hard drive ASUS ET2031IUK-01 offers. Also, if you need more RAM for some reason, the memory is expandable type. That’s nice addition because these All-in-One desktops usually have so little space for expansions.


The monitor of this ASUS is 19.5″ big and has resolution of 1600×900. If you don’t know or don’t care so much about resolution, you’re probably happy with this monitor. Another obstacle however might be the screen size. At less than 20 inches it’s sort of blast from the past. They used to have monitors of this size like what, 10 years ago. But depending on your intended use it might be good. Somebody posted in another review this computer is good pick for kitchen. Exactly my thoughts.

The graphics are handled by Intel HD Graphics (Haswell) unit. Indeed, the Haswells are not known for their gaming capacities. It was released already two years ago and is starting to get too old for current games. I wouldn’t want to play some newer titles such as Crysis 3 on it. On the other hand, if you’re happy with cutting off some eye candy on older games you’re probably good to go. The crowd’s favorite Minecraft should run well on this chip. You can also see what other games work with this Intel HD Graphics unit.


ASUS ET2031IUK-01 contains 6 USB ports of which 2 are USB 2.0 and 4 are USB 3.0. You’ll find them as well as HDMI output neatly available in the lower back panel. With the HDMI, you can connect this desktop to another TV or monitor.

Anything else to consider?

Well, this affordable piece of electronics doesn’t feature an optical drive. If that’s what you require, you should get an external DVD drive. There are also not many programs shipped with the desktop – for example, Microsoft Office must be obtained separately if you require it. Windows 8.1 operating system is of course pre-installed.

For Internet you can choose between WiFi and wired connection. They also offer 100GB free cloud storage at ASUS’s servers. That basically expands your hard drive space by 100GB, although remember not to put any sensitive data there because cloud servers can be subject to cracking attempts!

The monitor has built-in stereo speakers so some music and audio can be listened. It’s not the best quality but suffices for everyday use. In addition, the side of the monitor contains a memory card reader. There’s also a webcam and microphone for long distance Skype sessions.


ASUS ET2031IUK-01 is small, simple and inexpensive desktop aimed for people that don’t do lots of performance demanding stuff on their computer. That is, for home use (browsing, emails, YouTube, Skype etc.) this computer suffices well. What I must complain a bit about is the screen size: 19.5 inches isn’t really up to this day’s standards, but on the other hand is understandable choice to keep the total cost at bay. All in all, for your everyday use at home or small office this computer should be solid.

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