ASUS Essentio M11AD-US004Q Review

October 1, 2014
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ASUS Essentio M11AD-US004Q was released for the summer computer market back in last July. To give consumers more options, they also put out another but similar model recently. The other ASUS was clearly aimed at users requiring extra performance. This ASUS having the same price point was interesting to take a look at and see how the specs of these two desktops would compare.

The core

ASUS Essentio M11AD-US004Q has Core i5-4430S, a four-core CPU released by Intel on Q4 2013. Despite of getting little old it’s still very decent choice, and the turbo speed will give you boost up to 3.2GHz clock speed from the regular 2.7GHz when you require it. The other ASUS’s CPU is bit faster, although the difference in pure CPU performance is not too noticeable.

A note about processors though. As writing this review I noticed this ASUS has Core i5-4430S listed on version, but another processor listed on other merchants. The another processor is Core i5-4460S which is almost the same than the other ASUS’s processor Core i5-4460. The difference in CPU performance is especially negligible when comparing the i5-4460 and i5-4460S models.

ASUS Essentio M11AD-US004Q has 4GB DDR3 memory installed. The other one, ASUS M32AD-US026S, has 8GB. Those amounts pretty much speak for themselves, but on the other hand doubling the RAM might not give you much extra boost if you’re not running heavy applications in the first place. The maximum memory supported on this desktop is 16GB though, so if need arises you can add another memory chip. There are 2 memory slots in total and one is free, so you don’t even have to remove the 4GB chip if you don’t require all 16GB the system supports.

The storage space has even bigger ratio than the RAM. This ASUS has 500GB hard drive, the other one has 2048GB. So ASUS Essentio M11AD-US004Q has a quarter of storage space compared to the other ASUS. If you’re just a home user with no big stuff to download you probably don’t care – but then again, why not to opt for the bigger version since its price tag is basically the same.

One big difference between ASUS Essentio M11AD-US004Q and ASUS M32AD-US026S is the operating system. The former has Windows 7 Pro and the latter comes with Windows 8. This is probably the dealbreaker for many, and I can predict that few are yet comfortable with Windows 8.


No matter which ASUS Essentio M11AD-US004Q CPU versions you pick, the graphics chip seems to be Intel HD 4600. This graphics unit is not known for a great performance with heavy games, although if you’re not a serious gamer there’s no need to skimp on these computers just because of the graphics chip. The Intel HD 4600 does it job well for casual gamers and titles like World of Warcraft and Minecraft are piece of cake for it.

Anything else worth of mentioning?

ASUS Essentio M11AD-US004Q seems to have better connectivity. It has in total 8 USB ports (6 USB 2.0 and 2 USB 3.0) whereas the other ASUS has just 5 USB ports. Other connections seem to be the same: HDMI and VGA ports are found in both. Dual monitor is hence supported.

ASUS Essentio M11AD-US004Q doesn’t seem to have wireless (unlike the other ASUS). There’s just Gigabit Ethernet adapter for network connectivity. That said, getting WiFi support through USB (or installing WiFi card straight to the PCI slot if you’re feeling nerdy) is simple these days.

Both models also sport a 24x DVD burner and come with USB keyboard and mouse.


ASUS Essentio M11AD-US004Q would work very well for most users, including those at home, office or school. It has everything (save the screen) such a user would require. But when you compare the specs and price to ASUS M32AD-US026S there’s suddenly not so much good to speak about the Essentio. The prices are very similar whereas the M32AD model has slightly faster CPU, a lot more RAM and even more storage space.

The only big difference is indeed the operating system. If you want the good old Windows 7, go for this Essentio. On the other hand, if you don’t mind learning something new, go for M32AD and embrace the Windows 8 style. That’s especially true if you want more powerful desktop without paying more.

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