ASUS A555DG-EHFX Notebook Review

May 23, 2016
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A popular laptop must be a good laptop, right? Well, ASUS A555DG-EHFX is one of the better selling notebooks in Summer 2016. Its most interesting parts include a quad-core AMD processor and Full HD display, with the price being affordable enough. But let’s not make any definite judgements before examining the system further…

General performance

The processor of ASUS A555DG-EHFX is not very well known, or have you heard about AMD FX-8800P? Well, it’s a quad-core unit (max 15W) featuring 2.1GHz base clock speed and turbo boost up to 3.4GHz. Comparing the chip to others, you’ll see it gets ~4300 points in CPU Mark test, which is tad higher than the Core i7-5500U from Intel side gets. So, there’s definitely some decent processing performance; no power user should find this laptop too slow for his needs! There’s also 8GB RAM installed, half of it seems to be on-board and half on stick – so upgrading to at least 12GB is possible.

To be honest, the hard drive section isn’t the best you can get, just a mechanical one terabyte SATA HDD with 7200RPM spindle speed. There are no additional bays for extra drives, so if you want to upgrade to an SSD you need to remove the current HDD before that.

Does it work for gaming?

ASUS A555DG-EHFX features a dedicated graphics card, a new one called Radeon R8 M350DX (actually integrated R5 and dedicated R7 set in CrossFire). You can enjoy many games with that, but bear in mind settings and resolution has to be low-medium. As an example, if you use normal settings and 1366×768 on GTA 5, you would get a playable ~30FPS. Games such as Skyrim and Counter-Strike: Go run better even with more eye candy on, that’s good news.

Ports and connections

There’s a host of ports in ASUS A555DG-EHFX waiting for your peripherals. In total three USB connectors are included, two are USB 3.0 and one is USB 2.0. It’s also possible to plug in extra monitor, there are VGA and HDMI outputs for that. Networking is brought to you by the Gigabit RJ-45 port and Wireless (AC + Bluetooth 4.0) adapter.

Standard for this size, a DVD burner is installed in the notebook. A slot for SD and SDHC cards is also there, practical use would be to move photos from digital cameras with that.

Other features and benefits for you

With this laptop, you’re getting a Full HD matte display of 15.6″ diagonal. It doesn’t support touch and the panel type is regular TN. The webcam on top of the display supports VGA resolution.

There’s only 2-cell 37Whrs battery included, you won’t probably reach more than 4 hours operating time on a single charge.

Sadly, backlit keyboard is not available.


ASUS A555DG-EHFX is marketed as a gaming laptop, but that’s a bit misleading. Sure, you can play games, but enjoying them with high settings and Full HD resolution won’t likely happen: the graphics engine can play most titles but only on low settings. That said, all kinds of software run flawlessly here; you could even use this thing for occasional video editing. SSD would make the laptop even much faster; consider adding one in if you’re a techie. Given the current price and benefits, I’d say this ASUS is a decent choice for the more power user minded.

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