Apple MMGG2LL/A Macbook Review

June 14, 2016
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Apple laptops look cool, are fast and usually last long even in the hands of a power user. They’re pretty much everything a person would want from a notebook, so a good question is why not everybody buys one in the first place? Well, let’s take a look at one of those, the Apple MMGG2LL/A Macbook, and determine its strong and weak points below…

The good

It’s a very decent processor you will find in Apple MMGG2LL/A Macbook. The name is Intel Core i5-5250U, a dual-core (5th generation) CPU offering 1.6GHz clock speed and 2.7GHz turbo. For a power user or professional working with, say, Photoshop it’s sufficient – CPU Mark score is around 3600. There’s also 8GB memory included which is sufficient for such graphics work and other demanding stuff.

I would say the storage drive is also excellent: a 255GB solid-state drive (PCI-e based). You need not to worry about slow performance in that sector either, the operating system and its programs will start quickly.

It’s a lightweight laptop at 2.96 pounds, easy to carry around and good for travelers.

The neutral

I’ve heard and seen it myself, and read from countless places, that the display of Macbooks is good. To an extent, I think the same is true here with the laptop’s glossy, non-touch 13.3 inches screen. However, the 1440×900 resolution might not suit everybody, for example digital artists who require a lot of screen estate. For them, a Full HD display would be better. The webcam on top supports Facetime application.

Apple MMGG2LL/A Macbook doesn’t have RJ-45 port, it’s designed for wireless Internet use (802.11ac + Bluetooth 4.0 adapter is installed). However, special USB to RJ-45 dongles exist, you can use one if you want wired connectivity too.

DVD burner is not installed either; but an external DVD drive is good if discs are important for you. A 3-in-1 media card reader is installed in the system, SD/SDHC/SDXC cards can be slipped in and used for data transfers or expanding storage.

Some ports are available: two USB 3.0 for peripherals and Thunderbolt 2 (also accepts mini DisplayPort) for connecting extra displays.

The keyboard has backlight function.

Battery life is decent, at least 8 hours on lightweight use.

The bad

Apple MMGG2LL/A Macbook is not much of a gamer’s machine: dedicated graphics card is not available, and you can’t install one inside. Thus, the graphics solution here is Intel HD 6000, an integrated chip. You won’t experience great frame rates on heavier games, however Counter-Strike: Go will net around 50FPS on 720p resolution and medium settings.


Apple MMGG2LL/A Macbook is indeed everything you could expect from Apple: good looking, functional and snappy laptop. In my opinion, a demanding user would get most out of its performance – the Core i5 processor and SSD will take him far and 8GB memory also helps. On the other hand, due to the notebook’s small size (~3 pounds), folks on the go will probably like it. It’s not a great tool for gaming, but for people who appreciate Apple quality this unit is a decent acquisition!

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