Apple MacBook 5JY32LL/A Laptop Review

June 10, 2016
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So is it Apple laptop that tickles your fancy? That is quite understandable; after all these notebooks are fast, durable and they look rad. That’s pretty much everything a perfect laptop is – but there must be some bad things, because nothing really is perfect, right? Let’s see what’s the case with Apple MacBook 5JY32LL/A…

The good

For the price, this Apple contains decent performance. There is Intel Core M-5Y31 dual core processor with admittedly low 1.1GHz clock speed which however increases to 2.4GHz with the help of turbo boost. CPU Mark score is ~2500. Add the onboard 8GB LPDDR3 memory to that, and you got enough oomph for daily dose of web surfing and YouTube, as well as for professional stuff like Photoshop. Just keep in mind the RAM can┬Ęt be upgraded.

Another top-quality component is the storage drive, a PCI-e solid-state drive with 256GB storage space. As a result you will boot up the system and its programs quickly. Might be you need more raw storage though; for that you can use an external hard drive.

Apple is known for excellent displays; I don’t see why the screen here would be any different. It’s the famous Retina display with 12-inch diagonal. Panel type is IPS which means you’ll get viewing angles around 180 degrees when measured from sides. The resolution is a whopping 2304×1440 – more than Full HD – so a lot of screen estate is present. If icons and text will look too small, you can always change the resolution. The top bezel has a 480p webcam embedded.

The neutral

Apple MacBook 5JY32LL/A contains a modern WiFi card with support for 802.11ac standard and Bluetooth 4.0, however RJ-45 port is not available (little space for that). USB adapter can be used, though.

Want to work with CDs and DVDs? Well, it’s not possible unless you get an external DVD drive; no DVD drive is installed here.

No information about the battery specifications or life is available; although often Macs are known to have long-lasting batteries. You can expect more than 8 hours here, easily.

Just one port for peripherals is included, the USB 3.0 Type-C. Luckily, it’s indeed the new standard, so you can use that as a video output (like HDMI) with an adapter. No dedicated video outputs are available, but the Type-C port is good for most things as long as you have an adapter or special cable.

The bad

The only problem with Apple MacBook 5JY32LL/A, and most laptops for that matter, is the gaming performance. As there’s only integrated graphics Intel HD 5300 available you’re not going to enjoy many games here. For example, titles such as GTA 5 and Fallout 4 (with emulator / virtualization) are unplayable, even on low settings. However, less demanding native games for Macintosh will run, for example Counter-Strike: Go on medium settings and 1366×768 resolution will get around 40 FPS.


Apple MacBook 5JY32LL/A is a notebook for people on-the-go – it’s a small unit of 12-inches display and 2 pounds weight. Performance is decent for daily tasks and graphics editing (which many people indeed do on their Macs). The only one USB port might bother some, luckily it’s the multifunctional Type-C one. Battery life is excellent +8 hours. Gaming performance is pretty low. Do take a closer look at this premium laptop if a sleek Mac interests you!

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