Alienware AW15R2-6161SLV Gaming Laptop Review

March 9, 2016
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If gaming is your cup of tea, then Alienware could be your go-to brand. Their products are meant for players who require smooth FPS no matter what game is on. One of their latest products, Alienware AW15R2-6161SLV, promises that with its Core i7 processor and dedicated GTX970M graphics card. If you want to know how good the notebook actually is, read on and find out!

How is the gaming performance?

First of all, Alienware AW15R2-6161SLV has a high-end mobile graphics card bearing the name GeForce GTX970M (3GB GDDR5). It is one of the better cards one can get for laptop gaming; in general all games will be playable and most of them with a lot of eye candy turned on. For example, if you like the famous GTA V you’ll be glad to know this system gets +60FPS if played on high details and Full HD resolution. Another hardcore gamer favorite, The Witcher 3, will give ca. 45 frames per second on a similar setup.

How about other components in the engine room?

Alienware AW15R2-6161SLV has a processor of high performance. It is Intel Core i7-6700HQ, a quad-core unit offering a 2.6GHz clock speed and a nice turbo of 3.5GHz. Comparing the i7-6700HQ to other processors it does a good job, receiving around 8000 points in CPU Mark test – around the same than the older powerhouse i7-4720HQ. So, smooth operations of both lightweight and heavyweight software are guaranteed.

The laptop memory is already maxed out: it has 16GB DDR4-type RAM installed on two 8GB sticks. That will get you far, and multitasking is not going to be a problem.

Storage drive solution gives you best of the both worlds, so to speak. There is one terabyte 7200RPM hard drive included for storing a lot of files, in case you indeed store data locally on your hard drive rather than on a cloud. Furthermore, there is also one M.2-format 256GB solid-state drive, you can put your favorite files and programs there for quick startup times (Windows is installed on the SSD as well).

What ports and connections are included?

Alienware AW15R2-6161SLV contains three USB 3.0 ports and one USB Type C port with support for various formats, including Thunderbolt 3. HDMI-out is provided for video connection, and for audio there is microphone/headphone connector.

When it’s time to access Internet, you can choose from two options: Gigabit Ethernet controller with RJ-45 port or 802.11ac Wireless adapter that supports Bluetooth 4.1, too.

Despite the fact it’s a big gaming laptop, there is no optical drive included. You can use one that connects to the notebook’s USB port if you want that. Feel free to slip in memory cards too, there’s SD card slot available.

Other benefits you might find interesting

The 15.6″ display features 1920×1080 resolution, the right one for professionals and HC gamers. It is a 220-nits model, not too bright, but suffices for indoor gaming. Touch is not supported here.

Webcam is included as well, it has Full HD support for video, so hiqh-quality video chats or filming for YouTube are not a problem.

The notebook features a beefy 8-cell 92Whr integrated battery. You should get around 2 hours while playing, not much compared to ultrabooks but better than many other gaming laptops out there. Also, when web surfing, four hours should be the norm.

A multi-color backlit keyboard is included, you can indeed change its colors if you want.

Windows 10 Home (64-bit) is the operating system.


Alienware AW15R2-6161SLV is a proper gaming notebook without big drawbacks. Advantages are many, such as the GTX970M card that allows full eye candy on most games. General performance is excellent too, there are no programs the Core i7 processor couldn’t handle. Also the battery life seems to be better (2 hours or more under gameplay) on this model than on other gaming notebooks, so you might not always need a power socket nearby. For these reasons, I can recommend taking a closer look at this Alienware if you’re interested in laptop gaming.

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