Alienware 17 ANW17-7500SLV Review

August 7, 2015
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Alienware 17 ANW17-7500SLV is one of the most costly laptop there currently is. Sure, you’ll get an array of high-end components: i7 processor, sixteen gigabytes RAM, both hard and solid state drive and most importantly, a fast GeForce GTX 980M gaming card. These kind of components should be able to run everything, but since the notebook is so expensive, it might make you wonder whether it’s well priced or just a rip-off item? Below, you’ll find my take on this subject.

General performance

Like a proper gaming laptop, also Alienware 17 ANW17-7500SLV features a beefy processor. Called Core i7-4710HQ, the chip operates on four cores, 2.5GHz clock speed and a turbo frequency of 3.5GHz. It’s not one of those low voltage models, so performance is indeed top-notch: this thing gets around 8000 CPU Mark points, a grade considered very strong, while power-efficient processors from the same family get only half of that (for example, ~4000 in the case of i7-5500U). So there’s definitely enough performance in the i7-4710HQ processor, you will find it great for your entertainment and gaming endeavors. The bad side is high power consumption and heat, but that is true for any laptop meant for players.

The computer has 16GB (DDR3L 1600MHz) RAM installed, an appropriate amount for gamers. That comes on two 8GB sticks, and since both memory slots are taken by those sticks, RAM can’t be expanded beyond 16GB. But that won’t be an issue, I can’t name a single person who really benefits from having more.

Storage option for Alienware 17 ANW17-7500SLV is sweet. You’ll get a 1TB 7200RPM (2.5″) hard drive so plenty of actual storage. But you’ll also get another drive, a M.2 SSD with 128GB capacity. In this machine, best of the both worlds are combined: huge storage and great performance. You can of course replace both drives, and there are still three free M.2 slots if you want extra SSDs.

Are there any games it doesn’t run?

To be honest, there shouldn’t be a single game that wouldn’t run on this machine. Graphics engine is very strong in this one, a certain GeForce GTX 980M (with 4GB GDDR5) to be precise. A real life example, GTA 5 at high settings and Full HD, will give smooth as a silk +50 frames per second. Another example is Battlefield 4 that would get around 60-70FPS on ultra settings and 1920×1080. That I call excellent gaming performance.

How’s the display?

Alienware 17 ANW17-7500SLV has a good screen for players, I’d say. It’s the perfect 17.3″ inches in size and features Full HD resolution. The display has anti-glare coating and panel type is IPS (closer to 180 degree viewing angle, good colors, “blacks are black”). There’s no touch support, but gamers don’t probably find this scandalous.

What things can I connect to it?

Alienware 17 ANW17-7500SLV has ample connectivity. It features four USB ports, all are version 3.0 giving you more bandwidth than older 2.0. HDMI output is likewise available, meaning you can attach external monitor (like HDTV) and use the computer through that.

It’s a big (and thick) laptop, but there’s still no optical drive here. In another words, you must use an external drive that connects to USB, if you want to use discs. But don’t despair, remember they are cheap, around 25 dollars. And you can probably download most stuff you need from Internet anyway.

Networking has always been good in Alienwares. Indeed, this one includes a Gigabit LAN (RJ-45) port and 2×2 802.11AC WiFi. Bluetooth 4.0 is supported too, that is mainly good for things like gaming mouse.

A 2.1-megapixel webcam is installed in the display bezel, so you’re good to video chat with gaming pals (or enemies).

Transferring data from memory cards is effortless, the laptop has 9-in-1 media card reader for various formats such as SD and MMC.

Other relevant things?

I repeat, Alienware 17 ANW17-7500SLV is a big laptop. It’s obviously good thing for gamers, but if you want to travel with this thing, it’s going to be tough with 8.33 pounds weight and 1.35″ height. The unit takes a lot of space in your backpack. Furthermore, the 8-cell battery won’t last long with the high-end components. You’ll end up around 3 hours operating time when not playing, and when game is on, you’ll get much less.

The keyboard has numeric keypad on the right. Keys also light up, good for using this notebook in the dark.


If you’re determined to get the best gaming laptop, no matter the cost, Alienware 17 ANW17-7500SLV might be something to think about. It can definitely run anything – be it a heavyweight 2015 game or some high-end software – without slowing down at all. Thanks to the GTX980M card, especially gaming is its forte, you’ll be able to keep very high settings with any title. There’s no need to compromise eye candy or frame rates which is every players’ dream, but in exchange you have to pay a lot. This thing is ridiculously expensive, and only if you love gaming very, very much, I’d recommend getting this premium laptop.

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