Acer VN7-571-72LE Laptop Review

October 24, 2016
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One of the Autumn 2016 laptops meant for power users is Acer VN7-571-72LE. Straight out from the engine room you will experience components like Intel Core i7 processor, and the display sports Full HD resolution and other candies. But, every laptop has good and bad sides, also this one… Let me tell you more about those below!

The good

Considering there is a 5th generation Intel Core i7-5500U commanding this laptop you can expect quite a lot from Acer VN7-571-72LE. The processor (two cores, 2.4GHz clock and 3.0GHz turbo boost) will run Photoshop, other image/video editors or virtual operating systems like nobody’s business. Also having several programs open at a time won’t be problematic due to 16GB memory – it’s much more than 4 or 8GB you usually see in notebooks.

I’ll give credit to the screen as well. The 15.6 incher offers you 1080p resolution so watching movies in high quality is possible. Likewise, a lot of screen estate is offered. Panel type is IPS which is often regarded as professional, with accurate colors and viewing angles up to 160 degrees. And as usually, the top bezel hosts a front-facing web camera, it has multiple uses such as Skype chats or filming something for YouTube.

The neutral

The notebook has enormous storage, a full two terabytes on 5400RPM hard drive. Indeed, the HDD can take a lot of data, for example around four hundred thousand JPEG images. You will never need more, but of course performance of this giant is not the best. Upgrading the hard drive to SSD is always a possibility.

Acer VN7-571-72LE seems to have a battery the manufacturer rates at lasting 8 hours, but I highly doubt this. My estimate is that in real life you’ll get five hours before you need to recharge the unit.

There’s a 8X DVD burner included so feel free to use discs. Another way for data transfers is the SD card slot on the laptop.

USB ports on this computer are three, you can use them to hook up peripherals. The obligatory HDMI connector is included so you can plug in a PC monitor or even a HDTV. Gigabit Ethernet port and 802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 card are available for networking.

The keyboard contains backlight feature, exactly something you can expect to get in this price category.

The bad

You have to remember, every notebook is not 100% good. In fact, most of them lack in the graphics department, so does the Acer VN7-571-72LE. The graphics engine Intel HD 5500 is integrated on the processor, and while it offers adequate performance for LoL or CS: Go, playing new graphics-heavy games isn’t going to work on this rig.


Not many reviews about Acer VN7-571-72LE are available yet, but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad buy. The specs list tell us that a real performance is coming from under the hood, mainly thanks to the Core i7 processor. The screen also receives a warm welcome from me, after all it features 1080p resolution for all techies and purists out there. True, gaming performance is not big, but for other types of use the Acer is a good deal!

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