Acer Predator AG3-605-UR2F Review

May 21, 2015
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If you’re a gamer, a desktop is preferred choice for you. Players are interested in getting a lot of performance, and desktops indeed give a better bang for your buck than laptops, saving gamers money. Acer Predator AG3-605-UR2F is such a computer meant for hardcore gaming. It comes with a quick Core i7 processor, 8GB RAM and most importantly, a dedicated GeForce GTX760 video card. Whether this system is actually good for gaming (or anything to that matter) is entirely different thing…


The desktop features a processor called Intel Core i7-4790. It’s an extremely fast 4th generation processor with quad-core configuration, 3.6GHz clock speed and a whopping 4.0GHz turbo speed. The CPU gets over 10,000 points in Passmark tests, placing it in the absolute high end category of desktop processors. I can’t think of any programs that would choke on it. Of course, a casual user with very light programs might find it an overkill, but if you can appreciate the power i7-4790 brings, by all means go for it.

There is one 8GB DDR3 (PC3-12800 1600MHz) SDRAM stick installed in Acer Predator AG3-605-UR2F. That will give you nice RAM to begin with, but it’s understandable that some gamers or professionals might need more. It’s indeed possible to put in more memory, there are three free slots for that. The maximum RAM is 32GB with four 8GB chips.

The storage is provided by a 2TB 7200RPM (SATA 300) hard drive. That is a huge size, you can easily install dozens if not hundreds of modern games there. Of course, it doesn’t quite offer the same performance than a solid-state drive would, but I’ve seen tests saying that going from HDD to SSD doesn’t lead to improved gaming performance. Anyway, there are opinions about this, and the desktop has space for an additional solid-state drive if you want to install one.

How’s gaming on it?

Acer Predator AG3-605-UR2F is quite an inexpensive gaming desktop which might make one doubtful about the suitability for its main purpose. The computer features GeForce GTX760 graphics engine which some call low-end due to it’s 192-bit 1.5GB configuration. But real-time tests show it’s actually pretty good. For example, people have been playing GTA V on high settings and 1920×1080 resolution with FPS around 60. On ultra settings and Full HD, Battlefield 4 has given similar frame rates.

Indeed, the card is capable to tackle most games. I’d dare to say it’s good until some time in 2016, depending on your gaming preferences, after which you might want to upgrade it. Since the GTX760 is installed on the PCI-E x16 slot, just take it out and put a beefier model in place, and you’re good to go.


Acer Predator AG3-605-UR2F has 8 USB ports in total. Two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0s are in the front, and similar setup can also be found in the back. Headphone/mic port is also in the front panel together with an SD media card reader.

The back houses a lot of video ports. There is one HDMI, one DP, one VGA and two DVI outputs available. As such, you can connect all kinds of displays to this machine simultaneously. Somebody even hooked up three monitors to the system.

A 8X DVD burner is installed on Acer Predator AG3-605-UR2F. Networking consists of a Gigabit Ethernet port and 802.11b/g/n WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 adapter.

Besides the occupied PCI-E x16 slot, there are two free PCI-E x1 connectors on the mainboard.

Some other things to keep in mind

Acer Predator AG3-605-UR2F has a 500W power supply which should be enough to run its power hungry components.

The unit is shipped with starter keyboard and mouse, but you might want to get better ones for gaming. No monitor is included, that you must buy separately.


Acer Predator AG3-605-UR2F is a solid gaming computer. The most interesting part is the GeForce GTX760 which is not the fastest engine to date, but it can easily play most games from 2015 (and before, of course) with high settings and sweet Full HD resolution. You might have to upgrade it in a year or two, but for now the GTX760 is very likely to satisfy your gaming needs. Replacing it (and many other components, like RAM and hard drive) work like in any other desktop. Thus, I’d recommend this rig for a player who wants wallet friendly, turnkey solution to run his games on.

4 thoughts on “Acer Predator AG3-605-UR2F Review

  1. Alan

    Hi, I just ordered this computer and I’m having trouble selecting which ddr3 memory I need because I’m not sure if I need to know the number of pins on the memory stick and if it’s buffered or unbuffered memory that it will need. The computer comes with 8gb RAM and I want to add an additional 8gb. What do you recommend?

  2. Anthony

    Hi there. Thank you for the write up. By any chance, do you recommend any specific graphic card replacements? I’m having some trouble searching via size and want to make sure the one I buy fits in the case.


    1. Tech For Pennies Post author

      The current graphics card, GTX 760, is 4.4″ in height and 9.5″ in length. As far as I know, that’s the maximum size the desktop can accommodate. So a card not exceeding those measurements will fit inside. For example, GTX 960 has similar size. This EVGA is one example of GTX 960 that the Acer accepts.


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