Acer Predator 17 G9-791-735A Power Laptop Review

January 20, 2016
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If you’re a laptop gamer you know what you must have: money. Because tools of the trade cost a lot. It’s not a regular notebook you’re looking for, rather it’s a laptop with strong graphics card and high price that would rock your world. Acer Predator 17 G9-791-735A could be one of those notebooks, and below I’ll tell you if it’s worth the hassle at all…

Is it so great for games?

In this Acer Predator 17 G9-791-735A, you will find one of the better notebook graphics engines. The name is GeForce GTX970M, a dedicated mobile-friendly graphics card with 3GB GDDR5 memory. It’s a 2014 release and manages to get more than 4100 points in G3D Mark – for a comparison, integrated graphics engines get ca. 500 points. You can run all games at very high details and 1080p without the fear of FPS dropping, for example GTA 5 would give more than 40FPS and Battlefield 4 +50 frames per second.

How about other performance?

For starters, Acer Predator 17 G9-791-735A features a nice storage combo. There are two kinds of drives installed: a 7200RPM SATA hard drive with 1TB storage, and a smaller 128GB solid-state drive. This kind of set-up is ideal for most people since there’s space for big files and the frequently accessed ones which need fast loading times. Windows 10 Home is located on the SSD.

The laptop’s RAM is also state-of-the-art. By default, it has 16GB DDR4 memory installed (two 8GB modules), but you can upgrade that to a whopping 64GB with four 16GB modules. But I don’t think many people would need to do that as sixteen gigabytes is enough for heavy uses, and that includes gaming too.

Processor in this Acer is not any worse, it’s the new(ish) high-end Intel Core i7-6700HQ with four cores and 2.6GHz – 3.5GHz clock speed (depending whether turbo is activated). Expect it to run your games and programs smooth, the CPU Mark is over 8000 which not many processors of today can reach.

What ports and connections does it have?

Acer Predator 17 G9-791-735A is full of connectors letting you to plug in the most exotic devices. For example, there are four full-size USB 3.0 ports but also a multi-use USB 3.1 Type C port. The connections you can use for video include DisplayPort and HDMI-out.

Naturally, a DVD burner is included, meaning you can install games and upload stuff from discs. That’s also possible through memory cards since there is an SD card slot installed too.

Networking options, as you might expect, are good: a 802.11ac 2×2 dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.1 adapter, also a 1000Mbps RJ-45 port for cable.

The computer sports a webcam, it support 1280×720 video resolution which should be sufficient for most.

Other important things

So what about the display? It’s a 17.3″ screen with 1920×1080 maximum resolution. People have said it’s very decent which I can believe, the panel type for example is IPS which outputs accurate colors and doesn’t have problem with viewing angles (close to 180 degree). G-Sync is supported, but only to an external display you hook up to the DisplayPort. Touch is not available here.

The keyboard has a backlight feature (red).

It’s a heavy-duty 8-cell battery you will find inside, but the components on this laptop will drain it rather quickly. Getting two hours under heavy use is your best bet, and around four when just surfing the web. The battery is a so-called internal one, so you’ll need tools and removal of the laptop bottom to access it.


Well, what couldn’t such a laptop do for a player? No matter what game you throw at it, the system will handle it at ultra settings and 1080p resolution. Needless to say, also any piece of software will work without problems. The only “problem” is the price: Acer Predator 17 G9-791-735A costs a lot, but if you have the determination (= heavyweight gaming) and the money, it should offer good value to you.

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