Acer Aspire V17 Nitro (VN7-792G-797V) Laptop Review

November 13, 2015
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Take a look at the price of Acer Aspire V17 Nitro (VN7-792G-797V), what do you see? A very high number, eh? That’s a clue you can expect a lot from the computer. Indeed, this Acer is geared towards the gamers who require strong graphics performance which in turn costs money. There’s a dedicated GeForce GTX960M in the engine room, but is it fast enough to justify the expensive price? And what other important things you should know about this rig?

Performance in nutshell

Acer Aspire V17 Nitro (VN7-792G-797V) is equipped with state-of-the-art components. For example, the processor is brand new Intel Core i7-6700HQ (of the 6th generation), offering a quad-core setup with high 2.6GHz clock speed and 3.5GHz turbo boost. This kind of CPU is entirely in different league than many “common” processors like i5s or AMD 10s – the i7-6700HQ gets a CPU Mark score of 8000 points while those units in cheaper laptops receive 3000-4000 points. You can see the difference in real life, this computer will be blazingly fast as far as processor is concerned.

Another thing making the Acer a top-notch performer is 8GB memory. And it’s not just some basic memory, but the DDR4-type RAM which is slightly faster than the older DDR3. It won’t do good for gamers, but many applications such as Adobe Premiere or Photoshop should benefit from this. As DDR4 supports 16GB sticks, the maximum memory would be 32GB on this system.

However, one feature that won’t make this laptop too fast is the storage drive. See, there’s no SSD here, just a 1TB 5400RPM hard drive. If you want to get solid-state drive, there are other models of this laptop available, or then you can install one yourself. There seems to be M.2 slot inside so connecting an SSD stick to that would be possible.

So, what games does it run?

As somebody said in an user report, the graphics card in Acer Aspire V17 Nitro (VN7-792G-797V) is not “bleeding edge”. Indeed, the GeForce GTX960m (4GB GDDR5) can be characterized as a mid-range unit, capable of keeping high settings and Full HD pretty much on any game. The thing is, frame rates won’t be excellent in case of very demanding titles – such as The Witcher 3 with ~30 FPS on the said settings. However, that game is very extreme, many don’t require so much from the machine – for example, the popular GTA 5 would give closer to 50 frames per second here.

What devices does it accept?

Acer Aspire V17 Nitro (VN7-792G-797V) offers two standard USB 3.0 ports for your devices. As a bonus, there’s one Thunderbolt 3 (USB C-type) port that supports Thunderbolt, USB 3.1, DisplayPort 1.2 and PCI-E 3.0. Also a regular HDMI-out is available for connecting HD television or desktop monitor.

The notebook features a DVD burner which might or might not be necessary – these days a lot of stuff can be downloaded from Internet. SD card slot is likewise there for slipping in memory cards.

There’s a built-in Wireless card (dual-band 802.11AC) for network connection, also the Gigabit RJ-45 jack can be used for that. Bluetooth 4.0 works as well.

Webcam featuring 1280×720 video resolution is available.

Other important things

The 17.3 inches screen offers 1920×1080 resolution, the only acceptable one for hardcore gamers. Touch is not supported, but the panel type is IPS so colors and viewing angles should be great.

The keyboard has a red backlit feature, color can’t be changed. Windows 10 Home (64bit) is the pre-loaded operating system.

It’s not advisable to get this laptop for traveling because it weighs quite much, 6.8 pounds. Also the advertised life for 3-cell battery, 7 hours, won’t happen. You’ll get four hours maximum if surfing the web, and when gaming, much less than that.


Acer Aspire V17 Nitro (VN7-792G-797V) is expensive but in exchange offers a platform to run any program and game. Lagging won’t happen with these specifications, although you can still make this thing a lot faster if you replace the hard drive with SSD. Reading user comments, many have already done that. Good things include 6th generation Intel processor, DDR4 RAM and the very decent GeForce GTX960M card. Also in the future, you’ll find the multi-use Thunderbolt 3 port handy. All in all, with what you’re getting, the price is spot on if you ask me.

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