Acer Aspire V 15 V3-572-51TR Review

February 20, 2015
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Acer is known for many as the go-to laptop brand, thanks to their inexpensive prices and decent quality. Acer Aspire V 15 V3-572-51TR is one of their newest releases in the mid-range notebook market, featuring a 5th generation Intel processor with an upgraded graphics unit. If such a modern laptop is useful to you is entirely different question. So let’s see if this model would be worth your money.


Acer Aspire V 15 V3-572-51TR contains a new set of components. Its processor is Intel Core i5-5200U, a CPU released month or two ago (as of February 2015). A dual-core setup and 2.2GHz base speed is promised, with turbo boost up to 2.7GHz. New things include Intel HD 5500 graphics chip which can compete with the old HD 4400 and HD 4600. According to CPU benchmark tests it’s one of the better Core i5 models. Also, I’ve seen this processor in other recent laptops, and see no reason why even a power user wouldn’t find good use for its high end performance.

The laptop enjoys 8GB DDR3 low-voltage memory, good for multitasking and heavier use. Two memory slots are found on the mainboard in total, and they support a maximum 16GB RAM on two 8GB chips.

There’s a terabyte hard drive on this model, so huge storage is guaranteed. A terabyte translates to 1024GB, which in turn means that as much as 200,000 JPEG images of 5MB each could be put on that drive. Another, not so nice feature about this drive is the 5400 RPM speed. At that rate, you don’t get the advantage of quick solid-state drives with boot up and program loading times. If you worry about that, swapping the hard drive for an SSD is of course possible.

Screen and graphics

Acer Aspire V 15 V3-572-51TR is not that expensive model that you could expect wonders from the display. But to my surprise, the screen doesn’t look that bad. It’s 15.6″ diagonal so average size, but best thing is the Full HD resolution. Considering the laptop has upgraded graphics engine you might actually find use for the 1920×1080 not only with video streaming but also with some games. Just bear in mind it’s a regular screen, so touch features of Windows 8.1 (64-bit) can’t be used on this model.

So the graphics are handled by a new Intel HD 5500 chip. As said earlier, it competes with some high-end (but older) models in that series, namely the HD 4400 and HD 4600. Of course, given they all are integrated units, no great graphics can be expected. But many 2014-2015 games can be played decently on low settings, for example Battlefield 4 would get nice 30 FPS while Watch Dogs would run with perhaps ten frames less. Older and lightweight games, such as Minecraft and Tomb Raider, are piece of cake for this HD 5500 unit.


Acer Aspire V 15 V3-572-51TR includes three USB ports and only one is USB 3.0, so nothing special here. A HDMI output is available, letting you use HDTV or PC display with this laptop.

Networking are on par with today’s standards, with Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) and dual-band WiFi adapter giving you easy access to Internet. Bluetooth 4.0 is supported, too, so transferring some data from your mobile phone is effortless.

There’s no optical drive installed. Some think it’s alright because everything can be downloaded from Internet but some still rely on the good old discs. Of course, there’s an SD media card reader which might be helpful with data transfers and as impromptu storage, but it can’t still fully replace those DVDs.

A 1280×720 webcam with microphone are built-in on this notebook.

Anything else to keep in mind?

Despite the laptop having no optical drive, it doesn’t seem to show in weight. Acer Aspire V 15 V3-572-51TR weighs 5.62 pounds which is similar or even more compared to other 15.6″ models. The battery however should be better with a 6-cell 5000mAh setup, giving up to 7 hours operating time (perhaps 5 hours in real life use).

No backlit keyboard is found on this model, bummer for those who type in dark. A numeric keypad is however there, like on basically all 15.6″ and above models.


On paper Acer Aspire V 15 V3-572-51TR looks like another solid and rather affordable laptop coming from a manufacturer that divides people’s opinions. Some don’t trust Acer, accusing them of sub-standard quality, while many find them offering excellent value for money. In any case, the new Intel processor, 8GB RAM and gigabyte hard drive are useful things for power users, and many techies dig the Full HD resolution a lot. Also good networking must be praised, although having just one USB 3.0 port is a small drawback. Weight is bit on the high side, battery life is solid. All in all, this Acer seems to have good price/performance ratio, so I can recommend it for people who can appreciate all of its useful features and powerful components.

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