Acer Aspire S 7 (S7-393-7616) Laptop Review

May 23, 2016
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If a snappy, even premium laptop is what you want, then take a look at this Acer Aspire S 7 (S7-393-7616). It’s a smaller 13.3 inches model with a full array of heavyweight components – Core i7 processor and solid-state drive to name some. Those things should get a more demanding user going; but does the notebook have any disadvantages you should know about?

The good

Let’s start with the good – the performance. Acer Aspire S 7 (S7-393-7616) is commanded by the Intel Core i7-5500U processor, a low-voltage powerhouse with two cores, 2.4GHz clock frequency and even a 3.0GHz turbo boost. It gets a decent score in CPU Mark, around 4000, which means there will be no worries about using this laptop for much heavier software than a mere web browser. The 8GB memory is also perfect for demanding use – however keep in mind you can not upgrade it, the memory should be on-board type.

Yet another thing making sure the performance is good is the storage section. In this Acer, it’s a 256GB solid-state drive. You’ll experience the notebook booting up in seconds; likewise all programs you open will start very quickly. No additional drives can be installed, but of course replacing the current SSD is possible with technical skills.

The display, from what I can read, is of high quality. It’s quite a compact one, 13.3 inches, but comes with a professional-grade 2560×1440 (Quad HD) resolution for plenty of screen estate and IPS panel for viewing angles spanning almost from side to side (180 degrees). 10-finger touch is supported as well. A webcam resides on the top part of display.

The keyboard is backlit, just like it should be on a notebook this pricey.

The neutral

The selection of ports in small laptops is never that great. Indeed, there are not many connectors in Acer Aspire S 7 (S7-393-7616) either: two USB 3.0 and one HDMI-output for an external monitor. It doesn’t have RJ-45 port for cabled networking, however an excellent WiFi adapter (802.11ac standard + Bluetooth 4.0) is installed.

A 4-cell non-removable, lithium polymer battery is included. It’s said to last for 9.5 hours, however expect 7-8 hours under typical use like web surfing and MS Office.

Such a small laptop doesn’t have space for an optical drive; you can use one that plugs in to USB port if you want to use DVDs. There is still a memory card reader for SD cards.

The bad

Acer Aspire S 7 (S7-393-7616) suffers from the same curse than any notebook with integrated graphics: poor gaming performance. The integrated chip Intel HD 5500 can take a little beating for sure, but only if you use low settings and preferably older game. For example, the newer GTA 5 would only get around 25 frames per second when played on low settings and resolution. But if you’re into games like Counter-Strike: Go or the old but gold World of Warcraft the situation is better; those can be fluently played with more eye candy on.


Acer Aspire S 7 (S7-393-7616) is a laptop that could be a very decent choice for a power user or professional requiring swift performance, compact size and good looks from his laptop. This notebook won’t have problems running any kind of software, be it Google Chrome or Adobe Photoshop. The small screen means great portability, but don’t forget the display also has good quality and sweet Quad HD resolution. The main bad feature would be limited gaming performance; even though it’s a more expensive model, you can not use this computer for serious gaming. If you don’t care about that, I’d recommend taking a closer look at this snappy Acer!

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