Acer Aspire ES (ES1-572-31KW) Laptop Review

October 10, 2016
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A budget laptop is something that is on people’s minds. It’s a notebook that is good for most tasks, be it web surfing or lightweight entertainment (YouTube etc) you’re up to. Acer Aspire ES (ES1-572-31KW) is this kind of a machine, and it has gathered some positive reviews already. Let’s see what it’s really about…

The good

Acer Aspire ES (ES1-572-31KW) includes a snappy processor, especially when you take a look at the price tag of this rig. Intel Core i3-6100U is a 6th generation CPU with two cores and 2.3GHz clock speed, with the popular CPU Mark benchmark giving it around 3500 points. In addition to that, the standard 4GB memory is available which gets you started, but you can upgrade that to 16GB since two RAM slots are inside.

Hard drive is big here, offering 1TB storage, but of course it’s not a solid-state drive. However, feel free to take that drive out and put SSD in if you prefer that.

The neutral

I’m not saying good or bad things about the display of Acer Aspire ES (ES1-572-31KW), it’s a regular 15.6″ screen supporting 1366×768 – no Full HD for this price! It’s not a touchscreen (which I don’t mind), and the webcam on top offers you the possibility to have Skype video chats.

The notebook has three USB ports to accommodate your peripherals, one is USB 3.0 while two are USB 2.0. On top of that, HDMI-out is offered so you can hook up an external monitor to this. Gigabit RJ-45 is available for networking as well as 802.11ac WiFi card for wireless and Bluetooth 4.0.

There’s a 8X DVD burner and SD media card reader included in this notebook.

It looks like the 4-cell battery on this computer lasts around 5 hours which is decent, but the battery unit itself is not user replaceable.

The bad

Don’t try to play new games on this computer, it’s not going to work. It’s integrated graphics ridden machine (Intel HD 520), so Triple A games are pretty much out of your reach. But you will find luck with older ones like Sims 4 or World of Warcraft.


Choose Acer Aspire ES (ES1-572-31KW) if you know your computer needs are not huge. It’s a good-enough notebook for home users or even students, and the best thing is, reviews it has got are mostly positive. The unit is also darn inexpensive – you should think about it if you’re tight on budget and want decent general-use rig!

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