Acer Aspire E5-771-378Y Review

November 17, 2014
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Some people have an aversion to Acer laptops, probably originating from personal experiences or tests some reputable tech magazines have made on different laptop brands. Still, Acer notebooks tend to receive fairly positive user reviews. Maybe those who were not satisfied with their computer didn’t bother to come and write about it? I don’t know that, but in this review we’ll let you know if there would be a reason to stay away from Acer Aspire E5-771-378Y.

The main things

Performance-wise, this Aspire is capable for some demanding use. The dual-core Intel Core i3-4030 has a clock rate of 1.9GHz. There is no turbo boost feature in this CPU, but its already fast enough for most people. Especially home users don’t have to worry, and those with occasional heavier needs (image editing, programming etc.) would also find this Core i3 capable enough.

The installed RAM amount on Acer Aspire E5-771-378Y is 8GB. The memory maxes out at 16GB with two memory slots in total. Eight gigabytes is two times more you usually see in laptops, and should definitely suffice for any kind of use and also contribute to a smooth user experience.

Storage space on this notebook won’t run out too fast. It has a terabyte hard drive, ready to host images and other small files in tens of thousands. However, what it gains in space, it loses in speed. The drive runs on mere 5400RPM, as opposed to slightly faster drives of 7200RPM and a lot faster solid-state drives. To be honest, it’s just a small drawback, especially if you’ve been using conventional hard drives instead of SSDs your whole life.

Display and graphics

The defining factor of Acer Aspire E5-771-378Y is obviously the screen. The non-touch display measures at 17.3 inches. It’s quite a large laptop, although the 1600×900 resolution isn’t really on par with the physical screen size. In my opinion, it would do much for the user experience to have a 1920×1080 resolution on these bigger screens, but that’s just me. 1600×900 and 17.3″ is fine for home use, although professionals especially in visual arts probably feel different.

The graphics of this Aspire are typical for a budget laptop. It features Intel HD 4400 Graphics chip integrated in the processor. If you’re informed about the tech stuff, the Intel HD probably rings your bells. And that ringing isn’t pleasant. Those graphics chips offer rudimentary performance, enough for basically all non-gaming activities, but for playing latest games not so much. Modern titles like Watch Dogs, Thief or NfS: Rivals would have FPS around or below 20, giving a rather bad gaming experience. That said, games easy on requirements (Fifas, Minecraft, WoW, almost all games before 2012) would have better frame rates even with increased settings and resolution.


In total four USB ports are found in Acer Aspire E5-771-378Y. Two of those are USB 3.0. There are also VGA and HDMI outputs on left for external monitor and HDTV connection.

An optical drive is mounted on right side, allowing you to access and write CDs and DVDs. For additional data transfer you can also use the SD memory card reader.

For networking, all the three important features are available: Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11 b/g/n Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0.

As expected, a 1280×720 webcam and microphone are also available, allowing for video sessions on Skype or similar software.

Other things to keep in mind

Operating system of Acer Aspire E5-771-378Y follows the latest trend. It’s Windows 8.1 (64-bit), but the laptop doesn’t have a touchscreen so you won’t be using all of the new features the Microsoft’s latest offers.

The laptop weighs good 6.6 pounds, together with 17.3″ size obviously making it less of a portable model and more of a home/office notebook. On some descriptions, the battery life is listed as 5.5 hours which is nice, but on the manufacturer’s website the battery is given only 4 hours run time. If the latter is true, this Acer wouldn’t be ideal pick for a traveler or other people with no frequent access to power socket.

Summing it up

Acer Aspire E5-771-378Y seems to alright choice for those who’re specifically looking for a big laptop rather than an ultrabook. Its Intel Core i3 and 8GB RAM will allow for some demanding work to be done in homes and offices, although gaming on the natural resolution would be a challenge, especially for heavier 2014 titles. Connectivity is also sufficient with 4 USB ports, HDMI and good networking options. Due to the screen size, portability is reduced, and for somebody on the move a lot I wouldn’t really recommend this laptop. But if you’re looking for a budget workhorse with performance for some demanding stuff, going for this Aspire would be advised.

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