Acer Aspire E3-112-P1GT Review

February 23, 2015
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A subnotebook for on the go computing, power laptop for professionals, right? If you belong to the former category, you’re probably a road warrior looking for a lightweight notebook. Acer Aspire E3-112-P1GT is such a compact laptop, measuring at mere 11.6″ diagonal screen. Components seem to be OK for everyday computing. Let’s see what else this computer has to offer.


Acer Aspire E3-112-P1GT features Intel Pentium N3540 processor. It has a quad-core setup and clock speed between 2.16GHz and 2.66GHz (with burst frequency). These stats look impressive on paper, although on benchmark tests the processor hardly reaches Core 3 levels. So your best bet would indeed use this CPU for lighter stuff, including web browsing and multimedia streaming. It’s not suitable for power users, although laptops within this price range very rarely – if ever – are.

The standard memory is 4GB in this model. It can be expanded up to 8GB, giving a rather affordable and easy-to-install performance boost. That said, you should probably go with the default four gigabytes in the beginning, because it’s still a solid amount for most common uses. The laptop has one DDR3L memory slot, so when upgrading you’d have to replace the old chip.

A hard drive is the storage medium, so you’ll get lots of space (500GB) at the expense of speed (5400RPM). Again, you can modify the laptop yourself and swap the hard drive for SSD if you wish. However if it’s indeed raw storage you require, go with the installed hard drive, unless you want to pay around 200 bucks for a solid-state drive of similar size.

Windows 8.1 (64-bit edition) is the operating system.

Display and graphics

Acer Aspire E3-112-P1GT offers a small 11.6″ non-touch screen. Its resolution is 1366×768 which for this size is totally acceptable. In my opinion, it’d even go for a bit larger screen. Advantages of this petite display include small weight and size, bettering the portability, but at the same time entertainment use might obviously suffer.

Graphics performance hasn’t ever been the strong side of subnotebooks. This one integrates Intel HD (Bay Trail) chip which happens to be the slowest Intel HD engine. Only very rudimentary gaming is possible on the Acer, and games like Battlefield 4 are hardly playable on it (with FPS dropping below 15-20 on low settings). Minecraft and League of Legends on the other hand should run, given that you don’t up the eye candy and resolution from the minimum.


Acer Aspire E3-112-P1GT has two ports for USB peripherals. Not a lot, although usually this small laptops don’t have more. One of the ports is USB 2.0 while other one is faster USB 3.0. HDMI output is also offered, so if you want a bigger monitor for a chance, using this Acer with HDTV or PC display is possible.

There’s nothing wrong with networking options since both Gigabit Ethernet and regular WiFi adapter (with Bluetooth 4.0) are available.

A true small laptop, DVD drive is not built-in. You must use an external one or the SD card reader if you can work with memory cards. Or then just download all your applications from Internet, the way of this day.

A HD (1280×720) webcam with microphone is installed for Skype video chats.

Some other things to keep in mind?

Saying it again, Acer Aspire E3-112-P1GT is effortless to take with you. It weighs 2.84 pounds which is (almost) just half of what common 15.6″ notebooks weigh. It also has a listed battery life of 5 hours, which might actually be very close to truth considering the low energy components and screen.

The keyboard is not backlit. It doesn’t have a 10-key pad either, which honestly makes perfect sense for such a small size.


I can’t help but recommend Acer Aspire E3-112-P1GT if it’s portable and compact laptop you’re looking for. It seems to have acceptable performance, so daily computing should be walk in the park. One thing you can’t do is gaming, but that is true for all these small budget notebooks. The connectivity is solid for the price, and Bluetooth 4.0 is good news for mobile phone owners. So my advice is to pick this Acer if you’re a person who wants an easy laptop to take on the go.

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