Acer Aspire E 17 E5-773G-5464 Laptop Review

March 14, 2016
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You’ve already been eyeing the Acer Aspire E 17 E5-773G-5464 laptop, so what do you know about it so far? Perhaps that it’s a mid-range unit with 6th Generation Core i5 processor, huge hard drive and a big 17-inches display? Yep, that’s what the notebook is all about. But how does it really benefit you? And what disadvantages does the laptop have? You will know, keep on reading…

Is the laptop good for many programs?

Yep, Acer Aspire E 17 E5-773G-5464 is good for software most people use at home (or office). The reason lies in the engine room: there’s a 6th generation (meaning the newest) Intel Core i5-6200U processor giving you a 2.3GHz clock speed and 2.8GHz turbo on its two cores. If you were to compare that to the previous Core i5-5200U, you would see 10-15% percentage increase in CPU Mark – Core i5-6200U gets ~3900 points, the i5-5200U ~3500 points.

The memory amount is 8 gigabytes, and for all upgraders, it’s installed on one slot while the other slot is free – hence expanding to 16GB is effortless. But the default 8GB is pretty much, even most power users should be happy with that amount.

Storage section relies on older hard drive technology, a 1TB 5400RPM HDD, that is. Such a drive is ideal for storing a lot of files, but excellent boot-up times and general performance you would get with a solid-state drive. By removing the old hard drive, you can install SSD here as well.

Would a gamer also like it?

Acer Aspire E 17 E5-773G-5464 is better than your average system powered with integrated graphics. The reason is, there is a graphics card called GeForce 940M with 2GB dedicated memory. It’s a pretty low end card, but still faster than any integrated model. You can play all the games, but not everything will run at full settings. For example, GTA 5 will give you around 60FPS on medium settings (and 720p), but going for high details and Full HD would drop the FPS around 20. Of course, GTA 5 is quite a heavyweight game, so most other titles (Steam games, Sims 4 etc.) would also run with smooth FPS here.

Can I connect peripherals and devices?

Sure you can enhance Acer Aspire E 17 E5-773G-5464 with your favorite peripherals. The laptop features four USB ports, two of them are USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0. And if you want to connect a monitor – PC monitor or HDTV – you can do that with the laptop’s HDMI-out and VGA ports.

Not every notebook in 2016 comes with a DVD burner but this one does. The computer also features SD card slot, you might find it useful for uploading photos and snapshot from your digital camera.

There are networking interfaces for wireless and cable users, a 802.11 AC & Bluetooth 4.0 supporting WiFi card and Gigabit Ethernet circuit with RJ-45 port.

Other important benefits

Acer Aspire E 17 E5-773G-5464 is a big laptop, a benefit for some, although it also means less portability. The 17.3-inches non-touch display offers 1920×1080 resolution which, if you ask me, is the only right choice for that size – 1600×900 would offer too little screen estate for a power user.

Unsurprisingly, the 4-cell battery is a non-removable one. In reality though, it can be replaced; it just takes a lot of effort like removing the whole laptop bottom. The current battery will last around 4 hours web browsing before it needs a recharge.

This laptop features a 1280×720 webcam which of course works with Skype.

Keyboard is not backlit on this model.

Operating system is Windows 10 Home (64-bit).

Summing it up

I don’t really see any huge disadvantages in Acer Aspire E 17 E5-773G-5464. On the contrary, considering how much this unit costs (not much), you’re getting quite a lot: a powerful processor, 8GB RAM and some sort of a dedicated graphics card for gaming. What is missing is a solid-state drive but that you can install yourself afterwards. The big display suggests this is more like a desktop replacement than a portable unit. If all that is what you want, then do take a closer look at this decent Acer!

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