Acer Aspire AZ1-621-UR21 Review

November 5, 2014
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People’s opinion vary when it comes to All-in-One desktops. Some think they’re handy, because no display has to be bought separately. Some think they’re not useful, because the convenience comes at the expense of performance and these desktops are not good for heavy use. Well both opinions are true in my opinion. Thus, I wanted to take a look at Acer Aspire AZ1-621-UR21 and see if comfort and performance can dwell in one All-in-One computer.

Main things

Traditionally, the most important component in desktops has been the processor. There are opinions whether it stands true in the modern day, but nonetheless it’s very integral part of any computer. This Acer’s processor is called Intel Pentium N3530 (4 cores, 2.16GHz clock speed, 2.6GHz turbo), a name many might recognize from the past as a top-dog CPU. Well, Pentiums are not necessarily state-of-the-art components anymore. In professional tests, this processor does alright for everyday computing, but can’t hold the workload required by repetitive use of heavy software like Photoshop or video editing.

Acer Aspire AZ1-621-UR21 has four gigabytes memory installed. That is also the maximum supported RAM, so adding more is not possible.

Hard drive space is plenty 1024GB. That can house tens of thousands of image and music files. It is however just a 5400RPM drive, which is a bit slower than 7200RPM HDDs and lots slower than solid-state drives. But for the purpose of an affordable All-in-One desktop that drive is just fine.

Display and graphics

Let’s not forget the main selling point of this computer: the touchscreen. Using the 21.5″ screen with Windows 8.1 (64-bit) is effortless, since you can take advantage of Windows 8’s touch support. The display also sports Full HD resolution which definitely makes it up to today’s standards.

Graphics of Acer Aspire AZ1-621-UR21 are taken care by an integrated graphics chip. Dubbed as Intel HD Graphics, it features only rudimentary performance which is enough for less demanding titles like World of Warcraft, Minecraft or Sims 4. Later games, especially those that are full of sweet graphics (like BF4), will most likely be unplayable on this rig.


Both Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi are installed to get access to Internet. Bluetooth 4.0 is also supported.

There are 3 USB 2.0 ports in this Acer. Sadly, no USB 3.0 ports are available for full speed access for your peripherals.

Other ports include the regular microphone/headphones jack and HDMI input. Yep, the latter is input, not output, so you can actually connect some HDMI supporting device (like gaming console) to this Acer and use the device through this computer’s display.

HD webcam and microphone are installed for video calls. Memory card reader for SD cards is also available behind the monitor on right.

What other things to consider?

Unfortunately, they left out the optical drive from Acer Aspire AZ1-621-UR21. You can’t read or burn DVDs with it unless you get an external optical drive and connect it to the USB port on this computer.

All-in-Ones are not known for their expandability. As said above, upgrading the RAM is impossible on this Acer. There is one Mini PCI-E slot available, but no PCI-E x16, so adding a dedicated graphics card is also not possible. Power supply of mere 65W would also limit the upgrading options. In reality though, these things won’t matter to you unless you’re specifically looking to add more components to this desktop later on.

Besides Windows 8, some software comes pre-installed. There are McAfee Internet Security Suite and Microsoft Office trials available, but as you know, they work only for 30 days after which you have to buy them or stop using them.


Acer Aspire AZ1-621-UR21 would be good choice for those who value convenience and ease of use over performance and expandability. As it is, this computer has enough power for everyday computing at home or small office use, but for full-feature gaming or heavy user rig it would be too slow. Upgrading it is practically impossible, but as said the current performance is perfectly fine for lightweight use. As a plus, it comes with Full HD touchscreen which obviously works well with Windows 8. So if you don’t require high performance computer but want a comfortable touchscreen desktop, going for this All-in-One Acer is probably something you might want to think about.

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