Acer Aspire AXC-605-UR11 Review

October 31, 2014
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The presence of desktops is getting smaller and smaller. Even laptop sales are diminishing because ultimate portability of tablets and other handheld devices is “in” these days. However, some still want a good old system case to decorate their homes or offices with. And if you want desktop for cheap, often the choice is Acer. As it is, they released Acer Aspire AXC-605-UR11, a budget desktop, earlier this year. It’s an affordable one for sure, but how good in reality? Let’s find out!

The basics

Budget desktops tend to have more powerful components than laptops of same price. This Acer sports Intel Core i3-4130, a 3.4GHz dual-core processor. It was released at the end of 2013 and features all the usual i3 goodies such as hyper-threading. Also the graphics chip Intel HD 4400 is step up from what cheaper Pentiums and Celerons have. In benchmarks, the i3 is somewhere between low-end Pentiums and faster i5s which are meant for power users. In conclusion, this processor has enough performance for any home & office user, but occasionally using it for the demanding stuff works just fine.

The memory amount sits at comfortable 4GB. It maxes out at 16 gigabytes, and there should be one free slot if you want to add more without replacing the old memory chip. The memory type is DDR3 SDRAM.

There is 500GB storage space on Acer Aspire AXC-605-UR11. I’ve said earlier it’s just enough for desktop. Especially if you tend not to store huge files there, half a terabyte won’t probably ever fill up. Putting your vacation photos there is very possible. The precise amount depends on size of the images, but the actual number of photos this drive can take is in tens of thousands. Also the 7200RPM speed of drive is slightly better than 5400RPM ones, but still nothing compared to modern faster-than-light solid state drives.

It was said earlier this computer features Intel HD Graphics 4400. It’s bit better than the slowest chips in the same Intel HD family, but most dedicated graphics cards beat it with flying colors. That integrated chip is no good for serious gaming, but should reach playable FPS (more than 20) on simpler games like Fifas, Diablo 3, WoW, Minecraft even on med-high settings. With that being said, games of heavy requirements such as Thief or Assassin’s Creed IV are most likely unplayable.

The operating system is pre-installed Windows 8.1 64-bit edition.


Acer Aspire AXC-605-UR11 has solid 6 USB ports. Two of those are USB 3.0. The desktop also features HDMI and VGA, so using HDTV with it possible. This setting should also allow for dual-monitor setup.

Being budget desktop has it drawbacks, and network connectivity is one of those catches. This Acer has just Gigabit Ethernet for Internet. No WiFi is available by default, you would have to install wireless support through USB dongle or PCI-E card.

For transferring data to this computer, you can use either SD media card reader or optical drive. The latter also burns DVDs with maximum speed of 16x.

Something else to consider?

Measures of the system case are 10.6″ H x 3.9″ W x 14.4″ D. As you can see, it’s a small box. Finding space shouldn’t be a problem. There’s also free PCI-E x16 slot available, so one could install dedicated graphics card to give boost to gaming performance. However, having small system case has its disadvantages, and I’m not confident a full-size graphics card would actually fit in the case. The weakish 220W power supply would also put limitations on how beefy extra components you could add inside.

The system doesn’t come with display, but USB keyboard and mouse are shipped with it.


Acer Aspire AXC-605-UR11 is, like any other budget desktop, good choice for somebody who’s not too keen on high performance. That would include users at homes, offices or schools. The combination of i3 CPU and 4GB memory would be definitely enough for that kind of lightweight uses. USB ports are also plenty for somebody with lots of peripherals. No WiFi support is snag, but otherwise there’s nothing big to complain about this Acer. If you’re after solid, affordable computer, giving this desktop a try is probably worth it.

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