Acer Aspire AX3-710-UR53 Desktop Review

March 14, 2016
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A decent desktop with affordable price, anyone? Acer Aspire AX3-710-UR53 might be a good candidate. It doesn’t strain your wallet while offering a 6th Generation Intel Core i3 processor and a huge 2TB hard drive, certainly enough for casual users and file storing. But there are also downsides to this desktop, let me tell you more about those and the desktop’s benefits in the review below!

Is it good for many types of software?

It looks like Acer Aspire AX3-710-UR53 is quite a powerful model, so yes, it is good for most kind of programs. Let me explain further. The processor, albeit a “lower end” Core i3, is a 6th generation Core i3-6100. That dual-core chip packs a lot of power, it has 3.7GHz clock speed and in CPU Mark it averages ~5500 points. That’s a very decent score for a budget desktop; to be honest you can even throw in demanding applications like photo/video editors and this system will handle all that without problems.

The standard memory is 8 gigabytes, and if for some reason you’re not happy with that, expanding to 16GB is possible – there are two memory slots on the mainboard. Unfortunately, I can’t say if the current distribution is one 8GB or two 4GB sticks.

Hard drive is enormous considering the price: a 2TB 5400RPM HDD. The thing is, it surely is huge, two terabytes equals to around 400 DVDs. But how many people actually need that much storage? I don’t think many do. What many people probably want is fast performance, and a solid-state drive would give you that. You can install SSD here too, but not before you take out the default HDD – there is space for only one drive inside.

Would gamers like it too?

One thing makes Acer Aspire AX3-710-UR53 less desirable choice for gamers. That is the integrated graphics engine, this time called Intel HD 530. You can use it for many games, but if you want to play the latest ones, be prepared to have just little eye candy on. For example, GTA 5 will get ~25FPS if played on normal settings and 720p resolution. On the other hand, nothing is stopping you from playing simpler games like League of Legends on maxed out settings and enjoying smooth frame rates.

Keep in mind there is a free PCI-e x16 slot so upgrading to dedicated graphics is possible. Main limitation is the low-end 220W power supply. You might need to upgrade that, too. Also the system unit is not very big, sporting 15.6″ height, 6.9″ width and 18.2″ depth.

What devices and peripherals can be connected?

If your device has USB connector (printers, mouses, keyboards, extra drives etc. do), then it can be hooked up to Acer Aspire AX3-710-UR53. The desktop has in total six USB ports, two of them are USB 2.0 and four are USB 3.0. And you probably want to connect a monitor too, it’s possible to the Acer’s HDMI output.

The front panel also sports connectors for microphone and headphones. In the back you will find audio line out, you can connect speakers to that.

Connecting to Internet should not be a problem, there is a Gigabit Ethernet (the usual RJ-45 port) for cable and 802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth card for wireless networking.

DVD burner is installed in the front panel. SD card slot is also there (use that to transfer data to and from memory cards).

Any other benefits?

As always, you will get free keyboard and mouse when you buy this Acer, but monitor is not included.

Operating system is Windows 10 Home (64-bit) in this desktop.

Summing it up

Acer Aspire AX3-710-UR53 does not stand out from the usual desktop crowd in a good or bad way. It’s a decent choice for casual users, even many power users should find it sufficient, especially if huge file storage is what you want. After adding a solid-state drive this thing will fly. Furthermore, you might want to install a dedicated graphics card in case you’re serious about gaming. If all this sounds like your cup of tea, then why not take a closer look at this Acer!

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