Acer Aspire ATC-780-AMZi5 Desktop Review

November 1, 2016
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It is true that plain desktops are not as popular as they once were. People these days want portability and for that, desktop is not ideal. But there are still uses for these good old units, for example if you want a stationary computer for little money. Acer Aspire ATC-780-AMZi5 looks like a decent pick, but we don’t know for sure before examining it more…

General performance

Storage selection is something that effects the performance a lot. In Acer Aspire ATC-780-AMZi5, the storage is brought by 2TB 7200RPM hard drive connected to SATA 3 interface. Now, a lot of space is offered – 2TB is two times more than your usual one terabyte. In real life, two terabytes can hold like four hundred thousand images. But the bad thing is performance – if you had a solid-state drive, the computer would boot up faster and also programs would start up quicker. The good thing is, there is a free M.2 slot inside, and to that you can hook up such a solid-state drive!

Processor is top-notch, a sixth generation Intel Core i5-6400 with four cores, 2.7GHz clock frequency and even a turbo of 3.3GHz. Thanks to those stats and CPU Mark score of ~6500 it can be considered a power user processor, throwing in things like Photoshop or programming environment won’t put the system on its knees!

By default, the desktop has 8GB DDR4 (2133MHz) memory installed. The mainboard has two RAM slots and as far as I know, just one of them is taken. The maximum supported memory is 32GB if you install 16GB sticks to these slots. It’s better to use DDR4 memory as DDR3 support is not guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Is it good for gaming?

The graphics engine on Acer Aspire ATC-780-AMZi5 is Intel HD 530, and you might already know it’s integrated on the processor a.k.a. slow performance. Thus, you can’t expect to play games with full eye candy on. Especially the ones that require a lot from the system like GTA 5 need low resolution and settings to get playable ~30 frames per second. That said, if you only play games that don’t have fancy graphics – such as WoW or Diablo 3 or Sims 4 – you’ll get away with increasing the settings and still having decent FPS.

What ports and connections are offered?

When you want to hook up a monitor to Acer Aspire ATC-780-AMZi5 you’ll want to know there are HDMI-out and VGA available in the back panel. Thus, two displays can be connected at the same time. The number of USB ports for peripherals is 7, three of them are USB 3.0 while four are USB 2.0.

The two usual ways to connect a desktop to Internet exist here: Gigabit RJ-45 port for cable and 802.11 AC-supporting WiFi for wireless. Bluetooth 4.0 is enabled, too.

DVD burner is naturally available, so is SD card slot. You can use the latter with memory cards, they’re found in some devices like digital cameras to store images.

Other relevant things

Acer Aspire ATC-780-AMZi5 has a power supply rated at 300W. It suffices great for the default configuration, however if you want to add a graphics card (yes, there is a free PCI-e x16 slot) you probably need to upgrade the PSU, too. Another issue, the case has no fans although there’s slot for one in the rear. I’ve read there is space for GTX 1070 inside, so physical limitations for graphics card shouldn’t be a problem.

USB keyboard and mouse are shipped with the computer but monitor is not.

Windows 10 Home, the 64-bit version, is the operating system here.


Acer Aspire ATC-780-AMZi5 is a basic yet modern desktop, it’s a good home/office computer for web surfing, emails, watching videos, even low-level gaming. There’s nothing that makes it very good or very bad, but the huge 2TB storage drive surely stands out from other drives, giving virtually unlimited space for your files. Just pair this unit with a good monitor and you have a very decent PC at your fingertips!

5 thoughts on “Acer Aspire ATC-780-AMZi5 Desktop Review

  1. Afairg

    Since GeForce GTX 1050 doesn’t use a lot of watts, would I be good putting it in or would I still have to upgrade the psu?

    1. Tech For Pennies Post author

      The recommended system power for GTX 1050 is 300W, so you don’t need to upgrade the PSU for GTX 1050.


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