Acer Aspire ATC-705-UR5A Home Desktop Review

February 19, 2016
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If you happen to be interested in an old-school desktop computer, here might be a good candidate for you. It’s Acer Aspire ATC-705-UR5A, an inexpensive desktop with a “power user proof” Core i5 processor and a huge two terabyte hard drive. So there definitely are some desirable features, but how about drawbacks and weak points? Sure, let me tell you about those below.

What can you do with this desktop?

The Core i5-4460 processor of Acer Aspire ATC-705-UR5A is mostly good. It’s an i5, the more powerful series, although the model belongs to the older 4th generation. Nonetheless, it’s a solid quad-core chip with 3.2GHz clock speed and 3.4GHz turbo. For everyday computing it’s even an overkill but will shine with heavier use such as multimedia editing, multitasking or full programming environments. If you’re interested, the CPU Mark score is around 6600 – a strong achievement, indeed.

The 8GB memory will also help dealing with the demanding software. There is one stick installed, however the other memory slot is free – you can install a second RAM stick there. The most memory this system takes is 16GB.

Hard drive is enormous here. Giving you 2TB storage, it’s equivalent to data of 400 DVDs. On the other hand, this SATA 3 drive has a slow 5400RPM spindle speed, so programs and Windows won’t start up as quickly as with solid-state drive. Speaking about SSDs, you can install one here, there is a free 2.5″/3.5″ bay – however no M.2 connectors are available.

Good for gaming?

Acer Aspire ATC-705-UR5A can be used for very light gaming. For this price you can’t expect much, and indeed graphics engine – the Intel HD Graphics 4600 – is quite slow. Running simple games like Minecraft, many Steam-based ones or Sims 4 is not a problem, but playing fancier types is bit of a struggle. For example, with GTA 5 you’ll need to use low resolution (1366×768 or less) and normal settings, the FPS will still be 25-30FPS which means some choppiness. Not good news for friends of graphics-heavy games…

Luckily, you can change the situation. That said, it costs money: install a dedicated graphics card. There’s one free PCI-e x16 slot waiting for you. People have successfully installed a dual-width graphics card such as XFX Radeon R9 280X here.

Also keep in mind the 300W PSU, you might need to replace that too if you’re installing a power-hungry graphics card. Again, I’ve seen reports of upgrading the PSU of this computer without problems.

What devices can I use with it?

For a desktop, Acer Aspire ATC-705-UR5A has quite a basic connectivity. The front panel sports two USB 3.0 ports and in the back, there are four more but they are all USB 2.0. Video outputs are VGA and HDMI-out, meaning a setup of two displays works here.

Audio ports in the back panel include the usual microphone and line-in/out. In the front panel you’ll find ports for microphone and headphones.

Connecting to Internet shouldn’t be an issue, the desktop features a 802.11ac Wireless LAN adapter with Bluetooth support and Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) connector for cable.

8X DVD burner is included in the front, so is SD card slot for some data transfer from digital cameras etc.

Other important features

Don’t forget that you have to buy display separately, Acer Aspire ATC-705-UR5A doesn’t come with one. USB mouse and keyboard are included, though.

The computer has a pre-loaded operating system and that’s the Windows 10 Home (64-bit).

Summing it up

Acer Aspire ATC-705-UR5A really isn’t too exciting a desktop, but perhaps it doesn’t even have to be. It will get the casual user’s job done, be it web browsing or watching Full HD videos from YouTube. It’s also very possible to run more demanding, complex applications such as an item from the Adobe family here. Chances for gamers are slim as only an integrated graphics engine is available – luckily a dedicated card can be added. As the price is not bad, I can recommend this unit if you’re after a decent general use desktop.

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