Acer Aspire ATC-705-UR58 Desktop Review

October 30, 2015
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The real age of desktops was 20 years ago yet people are still buying them. But I can’t blame anybody for that; those things are actually very useful if you want a powerful computer with affordable price. At a glance, Acer Aspire ATC-705-UR58 seems to be like that – a Core i5 powered, neat looking unit with enough memory and storage to please the power users, too. Let’s see who would most benefit from getting it, and if there are good reasons to stay away from the Acer!

About performance

It’s basically all the programs Acer Aspire ATC-705-UR58 can run without lag and stutter. The most important thing, the processor, happens to be Intel Core i5-4460 – a 4th generation quad-core CPU sporting a 3.2GHz clock speed with slight increase with turbo to 3.4GHz. It gets a very solid grade of ~6700 in CPU Mark, this surely indicates a smooth environment be it a web browser or graphics editor you’re running here.

Other relevant factors concerning performance include memory – the desktop contains 8GB of that. It’s installed on one (8GB) module, leaving the other memory socket free on the mainboard. So the most RAM this system supports is 16GB. The third important thing, storage, consists of a 1TB hard drive. Its spindle speed is 7200RPM and interface is SATA 300 – yet it doesn’t reach same transfer rates as a solid-state drive. One 3.5″ bay is free if you want to install an extra drive.

Does it work for gaming?

I wouldn’t recommend Acer Aspire ATC-705-UR58 for serious gaming. There’s no fast, dedicated graphics card installed, just the integrated Intel HD 4600. The essential thing is, you can play most games, but they will lag a bit and you need to use lower settings and resolution. For example, GTA 5 played on normal details and 720p will give you more or less 30 frames per second. On the other hand, with maximum settings Minecraft would give +60 FPS.

How about connectivity? Ports?

There’s nothing new in the ports section as far as I can see. You’ll get in total six USB ports, two of those are USB 3.0 – both in front. Video outputs include VGA and HDMI ports, so the desktop will run two monitors (a dual display setup). The “better” 802.11 A/C WiFi is also included, so is a Gigabit Ethernet (RJ-45) port for cable.

To move data from and to the computer, you might want to use the internal DVD writer. According to product image, SD card slot is also available in front.

Other things to keep in mind?

It’s possible to upgrade this model with various cards. There’s a free PCI-e x16 slot inside which happily accepts a dedicated graphics card. However, don’t forget the PSU wattage is just 300W, check out the power requirements of your new card (plus the whole system) if you’re upgrading. Free 5.25″ bay is not available, but indeed one 3.5″ bay is there for an additional storage drive.

Windows 10 Home (64-bit) is the operating system. Keyboard and mouse are shipped with this unit but monitor is not.

Wrapping it up

Acer Aspire ATC-705-UR58 is not a real power desktop but gets the job done for most people, be it a home user or even a professional with, say, multitasking needs. The worst thing would be the graphics performance, but any desktop this cheap would pose the same problem. Consider adding in a dedicated graphics if you’re an avid gamer. Otherwise, it’s a good package for many kind of uses.

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