Acer Aspire ATC-605-UR2I Review

November 14, 2014
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For some, desktops are thing of the past, a relic resembling the old days where laptops didn’t exist and the only computers were ugly grey boxes hidden somewhere in the room. For some, however, desktops still offer desirable features and many indeed opt for them over laptops. A newly released example of such a traditional desktop is Acer Aspire ATC-605-UR2I whose good and bad sides we’re going to talk about in this review.

The essentials

Acer Aspire ATC-605-UR2I features Intel Pentium G3240, a budget dual-core processor with 3.1GHz clock speed. It lacks some things the fancier Intels have, such as Hyperthreading and Turbo Boost technologies. Modern i3 processors beat this Pentium in performance but also cost more. For everyday computing, this entry-level processor goes, but I wouldn’t buy it for professional (very demanding) use.

There’s 4GB RAM installed by default, and the mainboard supports up to 16GB memory. I wasn’t able to find whether there are free memory slots on this exact model, but knowing Aspire desktops I would assume there is one unoccupied RAM slot on the motherboard.

You’ll have quite much of space to work with. The desktop comes with 1024GB hard drive. In addition, it runs on 7200RPM which is a small upgrade from 5400RPM drives. Nothing close to solid-state drive speeds are however reached.

An enjoyable feature for many, Acer Aspire ATC-605-UR2I doesn’t have Windows 8. Instead, it relies on the older Windows 7 Professional (64-bit). Thus, getting a normal display instead of touchscreen is perfectly fine, since Windows 7 is designed to work well with a regular monitor.


Sadly, gaming isn’t really this Acer’s cup of tea. Coming with an integrated Intel HD Graphics (Haswell) engine, this desktop offers very basic gaming performance out of the box. Titles like Thief, Assassin’s Creed 4 and the Battlefields would most likely have FPS too low for playing. However, games without so heavy requirements such as Minecraft and World of Warcraft would be playable even with some eye candy turned on.


Total 6 USB ports are available on Acer Aspire ATC-605-UR2I. Two of those are the newer USB 3.0 type.

HDMI and VGA outputs are located in the back, allowing for a HDTV connection. Also dual monitor setup should work with this configuration.

For networking there’s support for Gigabit Ethernet and standard WiFi. Bluetooth also works right out of the box.

Naturally, there’s a DVD burner installed in this computer.

Other important things

Acer Aspire ATC-605-UR2I has free PCI-E x1, PCI-e x16 and Mini PCI-e slots. Keeping in mind the limitations of 200W power supply and the dimensions (15″ H x 6.9″ W x 16.3″ D) of the case, you can add a dedicated graphics card and get a boost in gaming performance – which is indeed required if you’re planning to game a lot on this machine.

The Starter version of MS Office is included, meaning you get reduced-functionality Word and Excel. The basic functions are there, but many advanced things such as table of content creation and password protection of Office documents are missing.

To sum it up

Frankly, I don’t see anything that sticks like a sore thumb on this Acer. It offers adequate performance for everyday tasks, and its connections are solid with all the USB ports, dual monitor support and strong networking with fast Ethernet and WiFi. Out of the box, gaming might be problematic, but adding a beefier graphics card is very possible. That said, for lightweight use this Acer is good as it is, and I can easily recommend it for home and office users who don’t want to pay big money for their desktop computer.

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