Acer Aspire AT3-710-UR52 Desktop Review

December 22, 2016
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In the era of mobile wonders, an old-school desktop might seem obsolete. But let me tell you, that kind of computers still have their uses! The good thing about desktops is that in general, they offer much better components for the money in comparison to laptops. And I’ll give critique to one of those computers, the Acer Aspire AT3-710-UR52, in this review…

Performance in general

Acer Aspire AT3-710-UR52 enjoys a decent processor, the Intel Core i5-6400. Better-knowing people can see it’s a 6th generation (2015) model, but still a plenty of performance is present on its four cores. The clock speed starts from a solid 2.7GHz and ends up at 3.3GHz, that is with the help of turbo of course. The score in CPU Mark is around 6600, an average (in the best meaning of the word) amount for desktop processor!

Now the hard drive you’ll get is huge, two gigabytes, but of course it’s not the quickest of models (5400RPM spinning speed). But adding a new drive is effortless since the mainboard comes with M.2 2280 (SATA 3) slot. Put a solid-state drive to that if you want to maximize performance! No extra 3.5″ drives can be added as far as I know.

Installed is 8GB DDR3 1600MHz memory on one stick. One RAM slot is available which means that by installing another 8GB stick you can reach the maximum RAM, 16 gigabytes.

Is this rig good for gaming?

Acer Aspire AT3-710-UR52 was not built for gamers, this is evident in the graphics unit choice – the integrated Intel HD 530. As somebody said, low impact games such as Sims 4, DayZ and Minecraft work no problem. But if you’re interested in games full of fancy graphics the situation is worse. GTA 5 would get ~30FPS on low settings, Battlefield 4 tad better and The Witcher 3 wouldn’t probably run at all.

But, there’s a remedy to all this: install a dedicated graphics card. The insides have one PCI-e x16 slot. For example, GeForce 750 Ti works with this desktop.

What ports and connections are offered?

Acer Aspire AT3-710-UR52 gives you a bunch of USB ports, six in total. Of those, two are in the front and both are USB 3.0. The rest – two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 – live in the back panel. You’ll also find two HDMI-outputs in the machine, so yes, using two display at the same time is possible!

If something, networking should be effortless on this rig. There’s the regular 1000Mbps RJ-45 port accepting a cable, but perhaps more importantly, the desktop also sports a 802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 combo adapter for wireless.

The computer features a DVD burner drive.

What other interesting things it has?

Well, just remember that even though corded keyboard and mouse are included, display is not!

The unit has a 300W power supply. That’s also the minimum recommended PSU for some lighter graphics cards such as the mentioned GeForce 750 Ti.

Summing it up

Talking about performance, Acer Aspire AT3-710-UR52 is a mid-range desktop. You can do pretty much any software-related thing on it, there should not be lag whatsoever. Gaming is of course a different beast, it’s not going to be too enjoyable on the integrated graphics. If you can stand that, or even upgrade to better graphics, there are no real shortcomings. The best thing is undoubtedly the price, so especially if you’re budget-minded, don’t skip this Acer!

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